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Community Garden

Micro-Community Garden Grant

The PCGA Garden Grant program provides a $50 - $250 garden grant to    support new or existing edible gardens in coastal San Diego. This grant offered will be dependent of the type of project requested, as well as the impact it will have on the target community.

Ideal Applicants(s) will have at least a minimally established garden. However, a new garden will be supported if the applicant is able to establish a high probability for the new garden's success. The ideal applicants will provide a thorough overview of their garden plan,  specific details of their garden project, a summary of the projected individuals who will benefit from this garden, and creative ideas to enhance the community by means of the garden.


Individuals or micro-community gardens may apply 

  • Funds may not be used for a commercial garden.

  • Garden must exist in the following zip codes: 92106, 92107 or 92110.

  • You must have access to an irrigation source. Ideally, the source will be able to utilize a timer.

  • You must be able to grow edible plants in your garden.

  • You may not receive PCGA funding more often than every other year.

  • You must agree to site visits to assess the proposed garden site.

  • You must allow for PCGA to take photographs of the impacted project.


of Funds

Distribution of Funds

  • All funds will be distributed as a reimbursement, upon submission of receipts.

  • Funds must be spent within one calendar year from disbursement. Otherwise, a request for "extension for expenditure” must be submitted.

  • Any funds that were not spent will be returned to the PCGA general fund.


Funds may be spent on the following items

  • Seeds

  • Seed starting supplies

  • Irrigation

  • Manual watering cans

  • Gloves

  • Tools

  • Soil

  • Soil Amendments

  • Compost supplies 

  • Pest management supplies

  • Hydroponic supplies

  • Fertilizers

  • Storage and security supplies

  • Pest management

PCGA supports unique growing ideas that support our mission. If you would like to purchase something not on this list, please submit a "request for unique allowance".

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